Each audio, each song, each meditation and each sound; McAlban María Carolina Albán has received inspiration from the universal energy of God's love to be used as a tool of HEALING FOR YOUR SOUL.

THE SOUL is the clay vessel where your emotions, feelings, deepest thoughts are deposited and where is YOUR WILL which is the ability to decide how you choose to live YOUR LIFE.

Every event of your life from the moment you are begotten, whether these have been painful or negative; they are part of the emotional fractures, hurts of the past and chains of bitterness that do not allow the passage of THE LIGHT towards your interior and that make you have no PEACE.

"DEEPAK CHOPRA, one of the world's most renowned alternative doctors, says that in order to begin a process of transformation in life, you should not limit yourself to your body, you should also involve the soul, the soul - apparently invisible, distant and secluded. from the material world- actually creates the body, only when you reach the level of the soul can you have access to its full potential, with more intelligence, creativity and awareness "


MUSIC WITH PURPOSE​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


THE Art of TRANSFORMArt you!





Discover, Vibrate and Experimentnt...

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40 song music medicine for your soul



Scientifically proven that music has chemical effects on the brain, which help you to release endorphins that are the hormones of happiness. this is MUSIC THERAPY​​​​​​​

The vibration of musical sounds through harmonic movements of your body, are beautiful tools to let your feelings, emotions and thoughts flow; It is the power of BODY EXPRESSION.​​​​​​​




YOUR SOUL is the immaterial essence of your being where your cognitive intelligence, your emotional intelligence and your will are deposited. THE THERAPEUTIC SONG is a tool that will help you to perform catharsis processes by repeating words of power with special sounds that will take you to that place where all the wounds of the soul are hidden.​​​​​​​

"Listening to music inspired by God is a balm for the soul.
Repeating their sounds through chanting and power mantras is releasing it
" .

If you are looking for HEALING TOOLS FOR YOUR SOUL, through spiritual growth, personal improvement, you believe and know that music is an instrument that makes you a more sensitive person and there are sounds that reach your soul when you listen to them, when you sing them, or when you dance them; It's no coincidence that you're here.



Woul You Like To Live This Wonderful Experience

of Healing, Leberation and Rebirth of your Soul in a Presential WorkShop?

How This Program Works?

Generation of images that will bring to your life a new world full of inner peace.


Through LIVE RECORDED MUSIC, WORKSHOPS AND COURSES OF MUSIC AND THERAPEUTIC SONGS as tools of OVERCOMING, GROWTH AND PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT AND SPIRITUALITY; mostly DIGITAL AND VIA ONLINE; whose main objective is to help you in the healing processes of emotional fractures, wounds from the past and chains of bitterness that are stored in the soul, and do not let your LIFE PROJECT have the fullness that INDOOR PEACE gives and take you to have a PERSONAL ENCOUNTER WITH GOD, WITH YOURSELF AND WITH YOUR NEIGHBOR.

Through the sense of THE HEARING, each musical note, each sound enters your mind, allows your brain to enter meditative state with biblical thoughts and phrases; meditations, reflections and prayers made music.

When your mind is silent of all the thoughts that trap it, you reach the SOUL and CONNECT with the Divine essence of God in You and that is where your power comes to heal, clean, purify and renew THE ESSENCE OF YOUR BEING.

After this process, you can with YOUR VOICE, either through the spoken WORD or THE SONG, as MANTRAS, realize within the mind processes of catharsis, liberation and inner healing; connecting the physical, biological and chemical functions that sound causes in the brain, such as the production of happiness hormones such as: serotonin, dopamine and endorphins with the rest of the essence of life as it is THE SOUL.​​​​​​​

Let's paint life with the colors that will tone your interior in a work of art full of light, harmony and color.


With the THERAPEUTIC SONG you will let your VOICE be a song that flies free towards eternity.


With the TECHNIQUE OF CONSCIOUS MUSICAL BREATHING, we are going to immerse ourselves in the world of



Workshops, Conferences, Recitals

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40 Audios Medicine For Your Soul

ANAMARIA AZUL, Mexico: "Your Music gives me TRANQUILITY"

- YARA from North Carolina: "Music With Purpose has given me COMFORT"

- CAROLINA CANO, Houston Texas: "Peace, a woman with great courage and strength to move forward,
messages that our Father God sends us through your music "🙏😇"

- TATIANA FERNANDEZ BOTERO, Orlando Fl: "Your music generates tranquility, peace, harmony"

- AMPARITO JARAMILLO, Atlanta GA: "Serenity and Peace".

- ARELI URBINA, Nicaragua: "Peace, Closeness with God, I think carolina that if someday God gives me the pleasure of knowing you and spending a few days with you, speaking to me about God filling my faith, I think that I was healthy from everything because you give peace your music gives tanquilida "

- LUISA FERNANDA, Riverview FL: "I feel a Divine vibration that gives me strength to continue on my way forward sure that with God in Me I can do it all!" ❤🙏🏻❤

- HERLEN QUIROZ, FourMeyers Fl: "It shows that you feel and live what you are singing ... that is passion and passion is contagious" 🎶🎵🎶🎵

- LIRIS MARCANO, Caracas Venezuela: "When I listen to your songs I feel" Vitality "

- FRANZ GALVEZ, Fortlouderdel Fl: "I feel peace I feel transparency and a beautiful heart Woman of God woman of family"​​​​​​​

About McAlban​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend of the road. An inveterate seeker of the essence of the human being, life and its relationship with God.

Creator of the MUSIC PROGRAM WITH PURPOSE Medicine for the Soul. Expert vocalist, Bachelor of Music from Universidad del Valle, Cali Colombia. Winner of international festivals of the message and religious song.

In addition Maria Carolina Alban is:

- Pratitioner Del Soar Global Institute in Personality Profile.

- International Personal Couching, INTEGRAL HEALTH.

Writer of articles in international journals and several books, including ENCOUNTER WITH GOD, Seven steps towards internal healing.

With his music and knowledge he shares workshops, group and personalized sessions, seminars, conferences, public presentations, both online and in person, as a perfect combination of personal growth and therapeutic effects of music.

I want to tell you that I am the first evidence of this proposal. That is why for me to have a special purpose for my music is already a path in my life and a mission that life has given me.

Instead of being a professional job, it is my living essence, given to humanity. The world is invaded by sales for commercial purposes; and although it is true that this is a personal matter, I will tell you that my goal is not the one offered by the world; it is MUSIC with Purpose,
for the Soul ".


Why Music With Purpose is

Medicina For The Soul?

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